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164th Specialty Auctions »Photographica & Film«
»Science & Technology«, »Office-Antiques« · »Steam Engines«, »Mechanical Music«, »Fairground Attractions«
Saturday, 14 May 2022, 1:00 am PST (10:00 am CET)

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Absentee and Live Bids available
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Absentee Bids via email available
Buyer's Premium: 24,8%+VAT=29,51%

- Audio & Video! -

Absentee Bids available
Buyer's Premium: 24,8%+VAT=29,51%
- Audio & Video! -
Absentee Bids via email available
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»Columbia Index No. 2«, 1884
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»"Sholes & Glidden" Typewriter«, 1873
Click for "BIG"
»Crandall New Model«, 1879
Click for "BIG"
»Replica of the Malling-Hansen "Writing Ball"«
Click for "BIG"
»Scientific Hammond Multiplex Typewriter«,
c. 1917
Click for "BIG"
»Viktoria (Gardner)«, 1890
Click for "BIG"
»The Fitch Type Writer«, 1891
Click for "BIG"
»Pittsburg Visible No. 9«, 1898
Click for "BIG"
»Melotyp Typewriter«,
c. 1937
Click for "BIG"
»Sholes & Glidden«, 1873
Click for "BIG"
»Very Early Kipp & Zonen Butterstamp Telephone«, c. 1880
Click for "BIG"
»Skeleton Telephone by L.M. Ericsson«, 1892 onwards
Click for "BIG"
»Peeters Magazine Camera«, c. 1895
Click for "BIG"
»Cube Sundial with Compass by David Beringer«, c. 1800
Click for "BIG"
»Nuremberg Pocket Sundial with Moon Clock and Compass«, c. 1700
Click for "BIG"
»Butterfield-Type Equinoctial Sundial by Langlois«, c. 1740
Click for "BIG"
»Augsburg Calendarium Perpetuum (Perpetual Calendar)«, c. 1720
Click for "BIG"
»Athanasius Kircher: Romani collegii Societatis Jesu musaeum celeberrimum«, Amsterdam, 1678
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»Augsburg Equinoctial Compass Sundial by Andreas Vogler«, c. 1780
Click for "BIG"
»Biedermeier Brass Sundial with Compass«, 1842
Click for "BIG"
»Telefunken 340 WL (Large "Cat's Head") Radio«, 1932
Click for "BIG"
»Rare 24-Key Reed Barrel Organ by John Cocchi«, Berlin, c. 1899
Click for "BIG"
»37-Key Trumpet Barrel Organ by Frati & Co., Berlin«, c. 1880
Click for "BIG"
»Polyphon No. 105 Disc Musical Box«, c. 1899
Click for "BIG"
»Phonograph Alarm Clock by Lioret and Farcot«, 1896
Click for "BIG"
»Ultraphon "Titanic" Cabinet Gramophone«,
c. 1931
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»Two-Inch Scale Model of a Fowler Steam Showman’s Engine«
Click for "BIG"
»Precision Model of a Vertical Steam Engine«,
c. 1930
Click for "BIG"
»Working Model of a Single-Cylinder Overcrank Steam Engine«, c. 1920
Click for "BIG"
»Well-Engineered 1-Inch Scale British Live-Steam Locomotive with Tender«
Click for "BIG"
»Double-Expansion Marine Steam Engine with Propeller«
Click for "BIG"
»Two-Inch Scale Model of a Clayton Undertype Steam Wagon with Trailer«
Click for "BIG" »Twin-Cylinder Reversing Paddle Steamer Engine« Click for "BIG"
» 1 1/2 in. Scale Model of a Horse-Drawn Portable Engine«,
c. 1980
Click for "BIG"
» 2-inch Scale Model of a Live-Steam Traction Engine "Jenifer"«, c. 1984
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»Live-Steam Model of a 6-Column Beam Engine "Lady Stephanie"«,
c. 1985

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Here are some results of recent sales: 

Vichy Musical
Pearl Fisherman,
c. 1895

Click for "BIG" (29709 Byte)
Bell & Howell
2709B, 1912

Click for "BIG" (13260 Byte)

Large Battleship by
»Märklin (No. 1094)«,
c. 1905

Click for "BIG"

Malling Hansen,

Click for "BIG"

Click for "BIG" (21009 Byte)
E5G«, 1916

Original »Apple 1 Computer«, 1976

»La Bicycliste«, c. 1890
French musical automaton
by Leopold Lambert

Click for "BIG" (20488 Byte)

»Leica 250 GG
with motor«,

Click for "BIG"
»Märklin Lighthous
 No. 2255''

10 - Rotor Cipher Machine
»Enigma«, 1935

Vichy Automaton Soldier,
Lioret »Le Merveilleux«
Phonograph, c. 1895

Click for "BIG" (24849 Byte)

changer, 1900

Click for "BIG"
Phonographbr »Edison Idelia

Click for "BIG"
Enigma M4,
c. 1942

Click for "BIG"
»Arithmomètre« de
Thomas de Colmar,

»Revolver Photographique
(Thompson's Revolver
Camera)  by A. Briois,
Paris, 1862

Click for "BIG" (13260 Byte)

Giant Rarity
»Gingerbread House«
Märklin No. 8880,

Escopettebr  by Darier,
 Nov. 15, 1888

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