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Elephant Vending Machine
(I/96 #1293)

€ 12.480,- /  $15,600.-
£ 10,530.- / ¥ 1.680.000

''The package has arrived 2 days ago, and in wonderful condition.
 I have bought for the collection and the museum many hundreds of items, but your packing is absolutely the very finest I have ever seen.
Great care was taken to protect the rare items in shipment.
Thus they all arrived in perfect condition.
Not only the best Auction House, but the best packing and shipping anywhere on the globe.
 My compliments on a fine job, and all the best regards to Uwe, Astrid and the whole staff who helped.''
J.J., San Antonio, USA
''Great Seller! Thank you for a perfect transaction! Anytime Again!!!''
R.M., Amandale, NJ, USA

''Great transaction; items superbly packed; will bid with them again A++''
D.L., Sunnyvale, CA, USA

''Very first shipping. Good packing. Thank you !!''
K.N., Tokyo, Japan

''Very happy with purchase.''
M.R., Charles Town, WV, USA

Norwegian De-Luxe-Telephone by »Elektrisk Bureau Kristiania«, 1885
(II/01 #77)

€ 10.924,- / $ 9,832.-
£ 6,991.- / ¥ 1,298,863

Large singing bird case »Bontems«, c. 1900
(II/04 #621)
€ 3.966,- / $ 5,235.-
£ 2,776,- / ¥ 539,376

''Wonderful transaction... a true pleasure....Super packing job.....Thanks.....''
T.W., Vallejo, CA, USA

''Fantastic auctioneer, extremely professional. Most satisfied!''
M.-A.L., Georgetown, MD, USA

''As described. Good service all the way from Germany to the US.''
E.B., Normal, IL, USA

''Many thanks. Well packed. Good email.''
A.M., Sandy, UT, USA

''Lovely accessories, well shipped - good trade.''
J.S., Chicago, IL, USA

''Nice people to deal with, highly professional, highly recommended.''
D.J.A., Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

''Friendly and professional, correct description, well packed.''
P.T., Eenigenburg, Netherlands

»Märklin HR 700 LNER« locomotive,
Gauge 00, 1937 (II/04 #816)

€ 6.010,- / $ 7,933.- / £ 715,- / ¥ 138,856

Peep Show »Panorama«,
c. 1900 (II/ 04 #1029)
€ 4.206,- / $ 5,173.-
£ 2,860.-/ ¥ 572,016

''Fast and easy, seldom for auction houses !!!!!!''
R.G., Malters, Schwitzerland

''Easy communication + propper and fast shipping + highly recommended!''
Dr. H.B., Stelzenberg, Germany

''Fast shipping, very good items, all perfect.''
E.B., Albstadt, Germany

''Super handling, fast delivery, great items, highly recommended.''
M.W., Bad Buchau, Germany

"... we are very pleased with the selling results and the formality and seriousness that you are showing us.
We are thinking of having a long relation with you sending you lots to sell of more quality and we will continue bidding in your auctions."
D.C., Madrid, Spain

"I write to express my satisfaction with you and your firm's handling of my material which you sold for me. As I think you know, I am an absolute neophyte at the auction business, and I have no doubt that some of my request and questions were out of the ordinary. Nevertheless you and your staff could not have been more helpful and accommodating."
A.M., Manama, Bahrain

Mechanical doll automaton »The Monkey Magician« by Phalibois, Paris, c. 1880
€ 11.417,- / $ 15,070.-
£ 7,992.-/ ¥ 1,552,712

 "A.Bikkers u. Zoon"
(II/98 #314)
€ 4.301,- /  $ 4,879.-
£ 2,957.-/ ¥ 657,100

"Thank you so much for your excellent customers' service. What really struck me as very positive is that you take only the lowest amount of a written bid to make sure the bidder wins the lot. Unfortunately many auction houses do not do this. I would also like to point out your quick and customer friendly way of working. I will recommend you with great pleasure."
N.F., Braunschweig, Germany

"...we have received your "Collectors Bookshop"-list and must congratulate you for the wide range of books you are holding..."
H.E., Maser, Italy

 "...thank you so much for the cameras, I was so glad to see them because they were much better than I expected from the catalogue..." 
M.I., Yokohama, Japan

"...BRAVO for the results and for all the service..."
C.P., Paris, France

"...I am very happy with the sales results! Thank you!..."
F.V.B., Halle, Belgium

(II/98 #907)

€ 28.273,- /  $ 32,062.-
£ 19,431.-/ ¥ 4,318,090

"Thank you, Mr. Breker. This service of informing your customers about unsuccessful bids is very nice!"
V.H., Lauda-Königsfeld, Germany

"... a woman (Cheryl A. Zarro) in an Antique Shop in Maui, Hawaii, advised me to take a subscription to your catalogue. She is holding it in this photograph I shot. Can you imagine how surprised I was knowing your auction house for so many years..."
R.H., Amsterdam, Netherlands

German skeleton telephone by Friedrich Reiner, Munich, 1907
(I/01 #124)

€ 7.551,- / $ 6.796,-
£ 4,832.-/ ¥ 897,813

"... thank you so very much for writing to me. You did me a very great favor indeed, this is exactly the information I needed! Marvellous!"
M.W., München, Germany

"... would like to thank you very much for sending me the catalog. It is indeed a very valuable reference book. You work very professionally."
G.H., Lindau, Germany 

"Thank you for the catalog. I am always impressed with how beautifully you make up your catalogs as well as the fascinating things you auction. You really "found a need and filled it", which is a recipe for success."
R.P., Los Angeles, CA, USA

 "By the way, my compliments for the professional and well organized auction. I am anxiously waiting for the next one ..."
K.F., Langen, Germany

 "I had mentioned your excellent job of packing the lots I purchased at previous auctions to your U.S. representative Jane Herz. Let me tell you directly that everything was beautifully packaged and well protected. I thank you for taking such good care of my items."
L.H., Meadville, PA, USA

"... you're marvellous people.."
T.W., Lancs, England

(I/97 #1287)

€ 5.568,- / $ 6,960.-
£ 4,462.-/ ¥ 876,000

"I didn't manage to win any bids this past year, but have really enjoyed trying. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this international auction thing"
B.H., Gatesville, TX, USA

"I just received your catalogue for the next June sale. Looks very attractive indeed. Nice illustrations and good presentation."
P.W., Bangkok, Thailand

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